Proclaiming the Word is exciting, seeing the Holy Spirit move as the Word is proclaimed is awesome, and watching the people respond to the proclaimed word is exhilarating.

Fresh Start

January 5, 2020

Ryan Ordination Service

December 15, 2019
A special service whereupon Ryan Fleming is Ordained to the Gospel Ministry.

God With Us

December 1, 2019
The Big Idea:  God proved His faithfulness by doing the impossible, through a virgin birth that would heal a dark world.
A sermon about addiction, hang ups, and temptation.

How to not ruin your life

November 17, 2019
This is a series that will cover a biblical response to sin, addiction, laziness, bullying and relationships. God wants the very best for us.  Join me in a journey toward…

Lost? Stop Here for Directions

November 10, 2019
The Big Idea:  God and His Word are the only reliable sources of direction that we can rely on.

Better than I Deserve

November 3, 2019