Proclaiming the Word is exciting, seeing the Holy Spirit move as the Word is proclaimed is awesome, and watching the people respond to the proclaimed word is exhilarating.
Often, people don't want to go or give to a church because they feel that money is either misused or just stored up for their leaders.
One reason people reject the Church is we have lost our focus.
Jonah, our praise team drummer, gives his first sermon ever!

God remembers us and will be our provider and sustainer.
God calls us to keep him as our highest priority.

John the Baptist made sure that the coming of Jesus was about the Savior and His work, not about John. Mary was willing to go forward with God's will, even…
Hebrew Tikvah - the word means expectation -- and it also means cord or rope, which comes from the root word that means to bind or to wait for or…